Monday, November 26, 2007


Pondering a random stacking of pieces today, I recognized something that is close to my original mental image of these pieces. Meanwhile, there is a hesitant start on a drawing to be held in place by a large pieces of glass, behind the wood pieces. And a series of smaller graphite drawings which will be mounted on the wall behind tempered glass.

Framed or unframed, clusters or compositions... These days I am craving a clear voice in my head which would say "Stop now, go here, try this." Especially the "stop now". There are so many places to be charmed along the way, so many potential combinations. Lack of wall space complicates things a bit by crowding together different series. That's why we're going to take apart the loft in the studio and turn it into a large work surface. We haven't been sitting up there anyway... Though the sunsets over the West Hills from the 8th floor can be nice, it makes me depressed to view the constant stream of cars on the Interstate, slowly burning through the last of the oil.

Anyway, a recent tip on where to buy large sheets of used tempered glass suggests an opportunity to play with multiple clusterings/layerings. Questioning the form of these many bits which make up a whole, I conclude not to conclude - deferring the decision to adapt to a particular space.

A weekend in Gull Harbor, WA with Kelly offered the chance to reconnect with natural patterns - ferns, moss, shells, ripples in wood, mother-of-pearl. On the bookshelf of the B&B (where we were gifted a free room), a chance encounter with the book "A Pattern Language". There's something intriguing here, though I'm not sure yet what it is. The idea of a "living" city or "living" house, "living" courtyard, etc. is not so much different from a living painting. And certainly my interest in pattern has not abated...