Friday, March 11, 2011

The Games in Children's Games

Knucklebones Playing with dolls

Doll’s house Altar games

Owl and owl coop Pop-gun

Masking Swinging

Whirligig Blowing soap bubbles

Cap of rushes Play with a bird

Rattle Stone, stone on the leg

Baptismal procession Blindman’s bluff

Child’s stool Odds or evens

Paper scissors rock Hot potato

Hobbyhorse Hand seat

Playing drum and flute Stirring a mudpie

Rolling a hoop Girl’s hoop

Call down a bung hole Rocking a barrel

Running with a pig’s bladder Lift

How many horns does the goat have? Playing store

Making pigment from bricks A brick

Mumblety-peg Bricklaying

Pulling hair Finding fireflies

Run with a cake Round the blind man

Leapfrog Tug-of-war

Running the gauntlet Turning somersaults

Head stands Turning cartwheels

Climb over a fence Ride on the fence

Bridal procession Blind pots

Walk on stilts Blind hood

Skittles or marbles Twirl around

Walk on high stilts Swing on the fence

Hang on the fence Balance a broom

Pickaback Piggyback

Hide and seek Spinning tops

Spinning tops Who sits here in the blue tower?

Rattle Windmill tournament

Digging a well Jumping over sandbags

King of the Castle? Jumping over sandbags

Here we go round the mulberry bush Twirling

Climbing trees Swimming with a bladder

Bathing one’s feet Swimming along the shore

Before or after the swim Throwing a ball against the wall

Defecating Bowling with knucklebones

Hockey Skittles

Hare and hound Badger the bear

Frog in the middle Climbing a wall

Fighting Hitting the wall

Procession game Follow the leader

Go on a visit First one there

Follow the leader Push someone off the bench

Piggyback No English equivalent

Horse Bayard and the four Heemskindern

St. John’s Fire Dragging trees for St. John’s Fire

Carrying torches Singing at doors

Wandering Joy pennant

St. Nicholas baskets

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seeking performers

I'm looking for actors/performers to play feral children/teenage runaways for the video sections of Children's Games.

Performers should be willing to develop material and be flexible in responding to a variety of methods, including scores, actions, sounds and scripts.

Auditions and rehearsals will begin in April, shooting begins in June.
Chosen performers will receive a modest fee and portfolio materials upon completion. Some performers may continue with the project, including the live performance in October 2011.

Please respond to with your performance resume (if any) and headshot by March 31st.