Monday, December 3, 2007

Summary but not summery

This Wednesday, the Portland Art Center's fund-raiser PDX Panels show opens (300 panels by 300 artists), along with It Takes a Village, a show of volunteer's work which I'll be in. This is the first showing of Plait, which will continue to expand and be reconfigured (image above).

Returning to the world of sound, it looks like I'll be making a multi-channel sound installation for Diapason Sound Gallery in 2008 and perhaps have the opportunity to work with a dance company in NYC. And I'm glad to say that Sonoris will release my new solo CD Flock & Tumble this Spring (most of which was used as a score for Circus Me Around by Linda Austin Dance last month).

The plastic on the studio windows is billowing, the rain is pouring, the kerosense heater is burning, the music is playing and I am drawing.