Wednesday, June 4, 2008

After almost a year, I have finally begun to document this group of drawings, sculptures and sculpture/drawings in a way which approximates their intended display. A week of black-hole days in the studio (as in forgetting to call people, check email, etc) - cleaning, painting, arranging and photographing these pieces. A steady diet of Morton Feldman. The fan in the window blowing cool sunny air (and black particulate matter). So far, 7 single drawings, 2 diptychs, 2 small drawings with wood pieces, 6 wood-only arrangements and 2 large drawings with wood. Balancing set arrangements with the potential for improvisation. Link to an online portfolio.

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Dianashmianalangadang said...

seth, these are really beautiful, i love the assembled panels, you are pushing these works. In the drawings behind glass--the organic or improvisational repetitive strokes are locked into these very graphic, tight forms--what's up with that?