Friday, April 30, 2010


Sreshta Premnath is one of the smartest people I know. His magazine Shifter is smart too. And not just because he asked me to contribute to the latest issue on the subject of Pluripotential. You can download a complete pdf of the issue here. Sreshta requested scores, instructions and similar materials, and I took the opportunity to notate some of my ideas for Children's Games (After Bruegel), as a set of procedures for realizing independent sections.
I don't usually score pieces before engaging an experiential process. In the past, I relied primarily on recorded structures, oral transmission, rehearsal, a few sketches. I tend to distrust my imagination to accurately render the results of complex interactions. Creating these as scores which, to some degree, accept the results of their imperative, has been part of a larger shift or experiment in my process. In the few months since writing these, my ideas have continued to drift and I've added several more sections, modified others.
I see each of these sections as independent, recombinant, interlocking, possibly overlapping. They could be shown separately or together, in various combinations, and as exhibition, installation, or performance. Which has led to something of a crisis in terms of defining what it is... I could even imagine some of them existing only as proposals.
I'm interested in each of these sections as a node or point along a route of investigation, as evidence of intellectual or conceptual drift. It feels good to follow the tangents of research, but at some point unity will become an issue (or not?). It feels good to indulge in conceptual speculation, but at some point I will need to encounter the translation to participation and actuality. It's going to stay undefined for a while.

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