Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mnemonic narratives

Today in band practice we continued building stories around three of our songs. Because the songs don't have many recognizable landmarks, these stories are helping us to keep track of where we are and how to shape the voice. We listen to different versions and build the ideas together, sketching in details. For example:

The Tunnel

Two sisters seduced by a disgusting slimy slug

Standing on the slug, two sisters telling secrets

Hit the drums – hit the sides of the tunnel

Sighing sleepy pleasure

Trying to stay awake

Letting it go – getting seduced by aliens once or twice

Drum leading

Through the intestine

Take off child suit

Inhaling whisperings, back and forth

Build the melody by giving the next note

Then A: Ha… trading notes

Slug talk

Truth or dare

Listen to the crackles

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