Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I started mapping the network of associations around Children's Games, which is still growing.
This research feels like a process of expansion and contraction - edges become blurred, interests become dispersed, everything connects, and then boundaries are drawn, pieces are defined, and specific connections become more important than others. I would say that any of the actual work exists on (or draws energy from) the paths between these nodes. It's becoming clear that "Narrative as control" is the pervasive concept - the atmosphere within which the entirety exists. I ask questions to create a friction and produce a spark. Clearly, since Aristotle and Plato were also debating the role of catharsis, an answer is not likely forthcoming!
Most recently, I have identified the rhetorical device of the chiasmus as an important structural concern, one which could rest at a deep substratum. The chiasmus highlights a mutually embedded, paradoxical relationship between terms. And what a beautiful word!
Suggestions for further nodes of research are appreciated...

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