Monday, May 24, 2010


New full-length CD out now from Sonoris. With a beautiful 3-panel sleeve featuring the photography of Harrison Higgs. From the press release:
Furl is the sequel to Seth Nehil’s critically acclaimed 2009 release Flock & Tumble, also on Sonoris. Continuing his exploration of physically charged, acousmatic sound, these compositions whip, crash, swoop, glide and burble. Clusters of bell-like tones pierce hazy, corroded atmospheres. Animalistic yelps, distant pings, percussive bursts and glassy swells all merge in this unique sound-world. These five pieces are both rigorously-assembled and gracefully sparse. Furl will be a welcome addition to the expanding catalogue in Nehil’s futuristic organic paradox.

Write to me directly at s_nehil(at)yahoo(dot)com to order.

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